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Choose from a wide range of possibilities: Starting with small decorations and ending with large two meters tall outdoors installations. All with the mark of natural materials. We like to play with paints and stains and multitude of hues give to my creations plasticity and originality. Therefore you can be sure you will never see the same decorations at neighbors. And plus you will never just throw it away thanks to its durability. Unless you will want something new with every new season... Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Saint Valentine, Mothers Day, birthday parties. Just choose an opportunity for refreshing your interior and leave the rest with us.

Weddings - decorations and services

Photographs are very often the only things left from your great day as a memory. And it is a pity. Wedding decorations made by Mady can delight newlyweds as well as wedding guests much longer. Decoration made of natural materials can be taken home and used as home decorations. Decoration is always considered as a whole, from table arrangement and car decorations of wedding guests up to tiny things such as “wooden roses” for guests. Even those who love fresh flowers decorations can fully enjoy themselves. Based on hues and colours of the wedding bouquet we will create all other decorations in such a way, that it gets along perfectly and the whole is unified. Because we always apply individual approach, our decorations respect personalities and taste of the newlyweds.

To choose a gift for newlyweds can sometimes be a hard puzzle. Very often a most practical solution for both parties is to give a certain amount of money. In such case in order not to loose a magic of giving, we can make special case for the money.

Christmas - decorations and services

To create Christmas ambiance during the advent stress can be a task for a superhuman. Meanwhile few tiny things can change your house or flat into a cozy place for family gatherings. Table wreath, candles, window decoration, main door decoration... all in one style, which you personally chose and which would perfectly express spirit of your home. Entrust your Christmas decorations into my hands and you will never ever think of buying an Advent wreath in a hypermarket.

Christmas are feast of light that surpasses darkness. Let your windows shine into dark. Choose shape, colour and size – not rarely we do two meters large installations on a house.

Easter - decorations and services

Come out and meet spring with original natural decoration by Mady Design. Spring table decoration, unusual Easter eggs, Easter wreath for your garden gate, outdoors installations... Because when is the time more suitable to get your space rid of excess junk and decorate it nicely?


It does not matter whether you occupy a studio in a block of flats or you have a whole house at your disposal. In every space you can feel comfortably. We will listen to your ideas and we will help you to create concept of your new living. Its outcome will be unified and integral look of your future flat or house, regardless whether in minimalistic or romantic style. We can do complete realization of the interiors, including hand painting of walls, new floors, selections of furniture and all textiles – meeting of all technical norms and requirements is a commonplace. Or we can modify your current living into cozy and beautiful home. Even without major works a maximal effect can be achieved. For example we can make from old tiles a new washable surface by putting on special material and within few hours you can step into your new bathroom. Our specialty is utilization of metallic paints that enlarge and enlighten the interior visually. Plus the look of walls pained by these paints changes depending on the light, so the atmosphere of the room changes with changing daytime.

Gifts and workshops

Sometimes we think hard in vain what to give our friend meanwhile it is sufficient to wrap a simple ordinary thing, for example a bottle of popular alcoholic drink, into an original package, which gives the gift completely new dimension.

Very often a most practical solution for both parties is to give a certain amount of money. In such case in order not to loose a magic of giving we can make special case for the money. In case you often forget anniversaries and birthdays of your family members or friends then you are welcome to use our unique “watchdog” service – we will create a database of all important data (of course the data are protected against external misuse), so we will be able to warn you discreetly about approaching anniversary and based upon your wish we will prepare a suitable gift. Completely unusual gift may be organization of workshop for your friends and acquaintances. Tell your friends, who have the same willingness to create something, and we will arrange the rest.


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